It’s finally here – the official Centre Mid Gaming stream team!  Want to join?  Tweet or DM @CentreMidGaming with your channel details.  Part of the perks will be shout-outs, hosted streams and a lot of promotion!

Games we are currently recruiting for: World of Warcraft (Both Retail and Classic), Fortnite, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, PUBG, CS:GO, Overwatch, League of Legends/Teamfight Tactics, DotA 2/DotA Underlords, GTA, DayZ, Runescape (Both RS3 and OSRS).

We are not looking to recruit Football Manager streamers/creators at this time.

Who/What Do We Look For?

Whether you are looking to join our stream team on a more casual basis or contribute with a daily, weekly or even monthly blog, Twitch stream or Youtube show, we don’t have any minimum requirements in terms of the size of the audience, average viewership, or whether you are a Twitch partner.  Here at #CMG, the most important thing for us is personality fit.  Basically, we’re looking for:

  • – Energetic, if not eccentric

  • – Team-spirited, supportive, and encouraging

  • – Creative or at least appreciative of the creative process

  • – Willing to learn and try new things

  • – A true gamer (i.e. you’re not just here to make easy money)

  • – Motivated and consistently contributing to #CMG

  • – Outgoing or at least not totally anti-social

Along with that, we’re just looking for people that can keep the #CMG spirit going strong.  We’re looking for people that will represent the Centre Mid Gaming brand in a positive way. There’s already enough toxicity in the gaming community.

The Dream

The stream team shall be a catalyst for mutual support between members. Not many can build their own audience alone, especially without proper social media management and support. Even less will have the opportunity of going full-time and make a living.

From my own experience, I find that streamers tend to focus on what is in front of them only; the games, tool and technical aspects of their stream. However, they forget about the viewers, marketing and social media. As a team at #CMG, we will help close those gaps and strengthen each other so the stream can be the fun that it is supposed to be!

Centre Mid Gaming goals and functions will be to:

  • – Host other stream team members when you finish your streams – keep your audience engaged and help others out!

  • – Do simulcasts and multi-streams to share our audiences and reach more people at different times. (Where possible).

  • – Help us promote our stream team members and Centre Mid content, including blogs, Twitch and Youtube.

  • – For the more experienced members to provide guidance and support to the newer members.

  • – Participate in discussions and offer suggestions as to how we can all grow as a team.

  • – Contribute to the Centre Mid Gaming brand regularly with blogs, Twitch or Youtube, ideally a minimum of once or twice a week.

  • – Demonstrate and establish methods for creating buzz, growing audiences, and building brands off-stream.

…And now for some of the people that will make the dream possible!

Centre Mid Gaming Stream Team

  • DarryLips – Darry (and his alter ego Victor) is a variety gamer playing anything from FM19 to DBD to WWE! Currently streaming Football Manager 2019 Victor Lips Road To America save, Red Dead Redemption 2 live gameplay and some Dead By Daylight on the weekends! Darry can be found on Twitter and Discord! He is also the leader of the cult known as #LipsNation.

  • CMGMitchy – Mitchy can be found predominantly streaming Football Manager 2019 over on Twitch with his #MalagaMasterclass save over in Spain! Mitchy is a passionate Football and Ice Hockey fan who follows Sheffield Wednesday FC and Sheffield Steelers IHC. Mitchy can be found on Twitter and Discord!

  • LiamH – Liam is also a variety gamer who can be found streaming his Football Manager 2019 “Bottom To The Kop” save as well as dabbling in other games such as Atlas and Sea Of Thieves. Liam is an avid football fan and has the unfortunate situation of being a Liverpool supporter (someone has to!) Liam can be found on Twitter and Discord!

  • TheRegistaFM – Regista is a well known and respected member of the Football Manager community having been in and around the scene for numerous years. Joining us as in an Admin capacity, we hope to see him back streaming/blogging soon! Following the trend, Regista is also an ardent football fan who supports the correct team in Manchester United! Regista can be found on Twitter and Discord!

  • SaltNP3p – P3p is quite possibly one of the funniest people I’ve had the pleasure of viewing. He can usually be found streaming a variety of games over on Twitch, including Football Manager 2019, Sea Of Thieves and Civ. Another football fan in our midst, P3p is a fierce Plymouth Argyle fan. (Although I’ve heard he likes to play as his rivals on FM). P3p can be found on Twitter and Discord!

  • WeAreUnited – Daz is a very new streamer on the block having completed his first stream only yesterday (25/01/2019). We are looking forward to seeing much more! Daz can be normally be found playing Football Manager 2019 with Sheffield United, his boyhood club. Yet another football fan, Daz is a strong Blades supporter! Daz can be found on Twitter!

To The Future

We’re working on creating Centre Mid Gaming an official team page on Twitch but, for now, we have our official #CMG Discord Server!  The talks with the Twitch Partners team and other key players in the community are ongoing.  Regardless of our official Twitch recognition, it all starts by promoting each other.  If we keep supporting each other, our audience will grow – that means YOUR audience too!

Centre Mid Socials: