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Today I am excited to announce the next post in a new series on the site where we will be looking to sit down and speak with each of the #CMG stream team members as well as other influential and up-and-coming members of the community.

Today’s Blog Interview is with none other than KimmyMinx! Twitch Affiliate. Eye In The Sky. War Thunder Media Partner. DayZ RP’r.

CM: Hi Kimmy! Thanks for taking the time out to sit down with us today. Let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

KM: Well I’m a talkative Yorkshire lass who is 31 years of age and a mum of 3. I trained to be an air hostess however choose that wasn’t for me. I’d like to think I’m a bubbly person that’s fun to be around. I like most music genres, love gaming being games like War Thunder & DayZ with some good old indie games thrown in the mix.  Longest stream to date is 28 hours playing DayZ, what an amazing stream that was.

CM: What got you started in streaming?

KM: The likes of watching sacriel42 at the time he was the guy back in the day just starting out playing DayZ, now he’s fantastically grown to be a Partner on Twitch and a big part of the Twitch that I know today. I too wanted to share my experience and fun with others, I loved the idea of building some kind of channel of people with the same interests in the games. I started streaming on Twitch at the back end of 2015, after being on Twitch since 2012.

CM: What was your biggest challenge in the beginning and how did you overcome that?

KM: Chatting to people, the whole engaging I was in a place that I hadn’t been myself for a long time. I lost the whole how to interact with people and be my chatty self, well streaming really helped me be me again. Giving me the social opportunity to meet all kinds of people with different attitudes and backgrounds, it made me realise it was ok to be me.

CM: What are some lessons have you learned throughout your journey?

KM: Playing Call of Duty: Zombies isn’t the best game mode if you want to interact with your chat – fail. Oh and not to just invite anyone into your voice comms, oh my *facepalms* it’s safe to say I’ve definitely met some characters haha. Also, IRL comes first, since starting streaming in 2015 I have taken a total of 2 ½ years break however to have children, now I’m back and looking forward to my future on Twitch.

CM: Tell us some of your favourite stream moments.

KM: I’ve had some fun GTA moments with the guys, too many to mention all! Playing War Thunder we all could get some sort of noise and we didn’t know where it was coming from, I was scared but yet thought it was a hilarious moment that I couldn’t stop laughing I started crying and couldn’t catch my breath. Also getting raided by PhlyDaily & Slickbee both in the same week I was so new to playing War Thunder it was such a buzzing week, and I had just returned from a short break on Twitch so it was a brilliant welcome back to Twitch moment.

CM: What are your favourite Twitch streams to watch other than your own?

KM: Where do I start on this one so many to mention, ColonelDukeLacr0sse (It’s because of him that I started playing War Thunder so I have to thank him a lot), Dita2233 (another brilliant War Thunder streamer), Wotan5 (he knows his War Thunder stuff) , Sonar_Chief (he does some amazing charity work), BustedHipGaming (he’ll even do a dance for you if you’re nice lol) and not forgetting my good old CMG streamers what an awesome bunch of lads literally.

CM: What advice would you give to a new streamer? Anything to avoid?

KM: Play games for you, enjoy the games you play. Don’t play the game because everyone is, people will come for you is what I believe the game is a bonus. But enjoying what you play is a big part of streaming, it’s good for people to see you enjoying the game they too will buzz off of your enjoyment.

CM: How has your content/stream changed since the early days?

KM: With moving to PC a month ago from console streaming that’s made a huge difference to the stream, game quality to camera quality.

CM: What sort of changes would you like to see Twitch implement to better support a stream like yours?

KM: I’m happy with the updates they keep adding, I loved how they brought in emotes for subs for the affiliates. Maybe just an idea I’d like to see them add a button on someone’s page for hosting like we have the follow & subbing.

CM: Have you ever found yourself sacrificing or doing something you didn’t want to do in order to please your viewers?

KM: No, I don’t think I’ve ever needed to.

CM: Do you deliberately change or create your content in a specific way? If so, how?

KM: No, my content is me. Who you see on stream is me IRL.

CM: What are some of the ways you promote your content and begin to gain a following?

KM: I promote over few social pages like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord & YouTube. I too do network quite often, get to know other streamers that stream similar games, but you’ll always catch me on Instagram & Twitter.

CM: Any future content creation plans? YouTube etc.?

KM: I have a few actually, but I’m keeping them under wraps for now as I think it’s nice to surprise my Kimmunity. One thing I’ll say though there will be more IRL streams & something my Kimmunity have asked for a while is for me to stream my jewellery making. (Ellis Jewellery)

CM: Tell us something exciting coming to video gaming.

KM: That’s the thing being a variety streamer there are always new games on the cards, so keep them eyes peeled.

CM: Lastly, where can our readers find you?

CM: Thank you Kimmy for sharing your time!

CM: As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. I can be found through the below links!

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