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Today I am excited to announce the next post in a new series on the site where we will be looking to sit down and speak with each of the #CMG stream team members as well as other influential and up-and-coming members of the community.

Today’s Blog Interview is with none other than AJWalkerFM! Twitch Affiliate. Football Manager Aficionado.

CM: Hi AJ! Thanks for taking the time out to sit down with us today. Let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

AJ: My names Alex, I’m 21 from Derby. Recently bought my first house with the missus meaning I’m now the definition of skint! I’m a huge Derby County fan and have had a season ticket at Pride Park for as long as I can remember. Outside of Derby County, my main hobbies are watching football, watching boxing and playing Football Manager!

CM: You’ve very recently started out in Twitch Streaming. What influenced that decision to begin?

AJ: I’ve been watching Football Manager content on Twitch for around 18 months and saying to myself and to different streamers that I wanted to start streaming myself. Living with the in-laws meant it wasn’t really possible to start streaming however now I have my own place I thought why not.

CM: Did you come across any major challenges in those early stages? How are you overcoming those?

AJ: Talking has been the main thing for me. I have been lucky in the support I have had on my channel however there are often times when I am streaming where no one is talking in chat so it’s difficult to just sit there talking to myself. Even in a short time, I have been streaming I have realised how important it is to keep talking even if the chat is quiet.

CM: Any favourite Stream moments yet?

AJ: The main one that stands out to me is the Loki raid! That was pretty crazy, I literally had no idea what to say and my OBS crashed with all the follows from Loki’s stream!

CM: What other and who’s content do you typically frequent? Blogs, Twitch, YouTube.

AJ: I don’t really have enough time to watch YouTube or read blogs so I mainly stick to Twitch. The first streamers I ever watched were Curty, Doop and Teach, to see how they have grown their channels over the past 18 months has been crazy to watch. The main streamers I like to watch in the FM community are Dammo, Darry, Looney Hoon, Dame, LiamH and OnTheCounterFM! There are plenty more who I will have missed out there but they are the main guys I watch.

CM: From your own early experience, what advice have you received that has really helped you progress your stream?

AJ: Be confident and interact with chat. That was the best bit of advice I was given and the best bit of advice I could give any new streamers!

CM: How has your own content changes progressed over that short period of time?

AJ: With regards to the setup nothing has changed yet! I’m not 100% happy with how the stream looks but that will take time to gradually improve. The content has stayed pretty much the same with me being incredibly inconsistent at the game with the occasional rage!

CM: With your main game – Football Manager – being a very niche community, do you strategically market your content towards that particular demographic?

AJ: Not really. Personally, as a viewer, I like to watch saves with teams I know of and can invest with so I have kept it fairly simple so far with Hull and Monaco. Weirdly enough the main thing with me and picking a save is to ensure I like the kits!!

CM: What are some of the ways you are promoting your content and beginning to gain a following?

AJ: Twitter, Discord and Twitch are the 3 best ways. Obviously, I make sure I’m not promoting my channel in other people’s streams! Discord is another massive thing as you are interacting with like-minded people who love FM. On Twitter, it’s just making sure I am active on there and tweeting when I go live. I also think networking with different streamers/creators is important.

CM: With that, are they are future content creation plans? Blogs, YouTube, Other…

AJ: I have no plans currently as I am far too lazy to sit there writing blogs or editing videos! That’s what I love about twitch, all I have to do is ‘Go Live’.

CM: Tell us something exciting coming to video gaming?

AJ: This was the question I was dreading after reading your other interviews! I’m not massively into tech or games apart from FM. So I will go with FM20! ?

CM: Lastly, where can our readers find you?

CM: Thank you AJ for sharing your time!

CM: As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. I can be found through the below links!

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