The Revival of the Ruthless Rovers- Returning Blackburn To The Top Of The Mountain.

Think back to the last game of the 1994-95 season and the jubilation of the players and fans as Blackburn lead by King Kenny lifted the Premier League trophy as Manchester United could not defeat West Ham. The likes of Tim Flowers, Graham Le Saux, Tim Sherwood, Colin Hendry, Alan Shearer just to name a few all played their part in making May 14th 1995 a day in which Blackburn would never forget.

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(This was a day to remember for the club as well as the fans)

But then think back to 2010 when a team of Indian businessmen led by Venkatesh Rao who owned Venky’s London bought the club and sent the club into a downward spiral; first of all by sacking Allardyce who helped the club attain a 10th place finish the season previous; appointed someone with lesser management experience and problems 2 years later sent them back to the Championship which 5 years later gave them another memory which they will never forget; being the first club who have won the Premier League to be relegated to the third tier of English Football. They did bounce back however thanks to the likes of Danny Graham, David Raya and Bradley Dack just to name a few.

Why Blackburn Rovers?

The reason why I chose Blackburn was quite simple really. I could have chosen Preston as they bolstered their squad in the winter window; but I felt like Blackburn have a lot to prove since their huge fall from grace. They have an abundance of talent from David Raya to Ryan Nyambe all the way to Bradley Dack; so I have a great chance of bringing this club back to the Premier League and get another famous title win.

Fun Factoid- Being from a village called Bamber Bridge; we always have a mini parade when either Preston or Blackburn get promoted or relegated having a spoof ceremony outside the pub in which the doll (which would be in a coffin and dressed up in either a Preston or Blackburn kit) will come out of a pubs cellar if promoted or go into a pub’s cellar if the teams were relegated.

Aims of the save

  • Sort out those finances and hope for a takeover
  • Get back into the Premier League as soon as possible
  • Stay in the Premier League
  • Utilise the youth
  • Find the next Alan Shearer.

Next Update: Meeting the squad; where to improve and the transfers that have been made.