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Today I am excited to announce the next post in a new series on the site where we will be looking to sit down and speak with each of the #CMG stream team members as well as other influential and up-and-coming members of the community.

Today’s Blog Interview is with no other than Mr DarryLips! Twitch Affiliate. Part of the #CMG Stream Team. Variety Steamer. WWE Enthusiast.

CM: Hi Darry! Thanks for taking the time out to sit down with us today. Let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself and what got you started in streaming?

DL: So I’m a 37-year-old father of three, 2 live with me and my 3rd lives in Dorset, I run hotels and restaurants for a living which is a tough but so fulfilling, I am a massive Lego fan and have spent a LOT of money on my sets plus I have always been a YouTube watcher, watched a lot of Football Manager and complained all the time that I was better than them at it (which we all do), anyway finally found someone that played the game very similar to me, Loki Doki and followed him onto to Twitch and just caught that bug, after nearly a year watching, my wife bought me a PC to upgrade from a laptop and told me to just do it myself, I’ve always chatted to myself while playing games so thought why the hell not and that brings us to today!

CM: Anyone that inspired your decision to start streaming?

DL: Yeah, Loki Doki to start, he was an older guy fully committed to what he does and content creation, then other guys like Viking Dan and Doop have helped convince me I could have a go as well and of course yourself, you help keep me focused more than you may even realise. It’s funny to consider these guys as idols because some have become really good friends, but I would 100% say these guys are almost idols.

CM: Did you come across any big challenges in the beginning? If so, how did you overcome those?

DL: The switch from viewer to streamer was tougher than I thought, it’s one thing typing things in chat but to say them live is very different, then, of course, my job made things tough, hospitality hours really can swing from long days to very quiet periods so keeping to a schedule has been tough and left me a very fine lines for error in setups and travelling etc and of course being a Dad, is part of the reason I let Mini Lips on stream, I want them to be involved and to feel involved, plus I want to make sure viewers feel we are a community…actually quite a lot of challenges lol.

CM: Are there any lessons that you have learned throughout your journey?

DL: Trust!! It’s a murky world in some corners so taking a little more care was a bit of lesson, especially announcing stream save plans in the wrong peoples chat!! Which when making the switch from viewer to streamer was tough to learn because you look at people streaming in a different way, then when you realise they are just idea thieves it can shock you a little bit, Its funny because after being angry, sad, yelled and sulked I still watch that streamer now, I get that it is a business as well as a very expensive hobby

CM: With any live broadcast there is always a chance for some bloopers or hilarious situations. Tell us some of your favourite stream moments.

DL: Butchering songs on Twitch Sings I think Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid was one of my best ever attempts, I turned my Mic sensitivity up way too high…just awful but funny. FM19 in the Croatian League was a highlight I’m sure for viewers but for me was absolute torture, just could not get that team to work whatever I tried, I think there may have even been tears at one point, even the trolls were telling me to leave Croatian league which can never be good and  rage quitting Fiorentina in quite a calm, dramatic fashion, I then ended the stream straight away and deleted the whole Fiorentina save, but for actual success highlights my first ever twitch FM Save Hull City which was a huge success as I made a great team built up a solid following from that as well as winning the Premier League with them was just amazing, the downloads for it have also blown my mind as I made it available.

CM: Other than your own of course, what are some of your favourite Twitch streams that you frequently visit?

DL: I watch soooo many, but I always watch MMPR Mastodon and his interactive WWE Universe, Now Way Jose in the RP universe, very much enjoy the interaction and no lie was the motivation into me wanting to the WWE Universe we do now with the guest GMs. Silent Sentry who does GTA5 RP and is just the most amazing thing I’ve ever watched, at times the guys’ RP is like watching a movie, truly amazing and he is a very talented streamer. There is also a Dead By Daylight player and streamer called Sharon who’s stream I lurk in a lot and maybe only spoken 4 or 5 times. I was gifted a sub the other week and obviously had to say thanks and it was found I’ve followed like 7 months and never spoke! Dutch, girl streamer and a lot of fun. From an FM view, I try and watch all the FM guys I can but been honest Viking, Doop, Liam, Clan and Loki Doki are probably my go-to guys. I have so much love to all the CMG streamers, they are all so talented and entertaining, it’s very much an honour to be streaming alongside them as Kangar is one of the first ever guys I watched as well and now to be in a group with him is a huge honour!

CM: What advice would you give to a new streamer? Anything that is a must avoid?

DL: Schedules!! Stick to them, it helps you keep focused and always help viewers know when you’re live. People never forget the times of their favourite shows so why would your stream be any different. This is one thing I feel very strongly about, I hate cancelling streams and have even streamed within 5 minutes of driving home from Bristol to avoid breaking schedule, I am not saying let it drive you crazy but it’s very important for me. Something to avoid – Don’t be scared to just be yourself, people watch the streamer more than the game and it shows if your not being yourself, you can’t keep a lie up for that long before people notice it plus you won’t enjoy it which again will come over on stream, so if you want to play something new, do it don’t be scared to move a day or two over away from your base game, if you want to.

CM: How has your content/streams changed since those early days?

DL: I think I’ve started showing more of myself as a player, put more games in which is how I play in real life, I think at the beginning I wanted to be something I wasn’t, I wasn’t a one-game person I like mixing it up. Also I think confidence has grown (which didn’t really need too many would say) but a lot more belief I feel like is coming across to the channel and bit more understanding of what the channel is, FM has been a good base, The WWE stuff on a Sunday is great and then we fill gaps with TellTale Walking Dead right now and will do other Telltale, I wanted to stream Red Dead and didn’t for ages because I worried about no one watching, but I did stream it and yeah ok as I had done it way after release not everyone watched but I really enjoyed it and it showed a different side to me which I have now developed more.

CM: What sort of changes would you like to see Twitch implement to better support a stream like yours?

DL: The smaller communities idea on the front page was a good idea but I don’t think they implemented it very well and it came across a bit patronising. More streamers with good numbers will only be good for them and second thing consistency on their laws and such, some decisions can contradict previous decisions, which as a smaller streamer can put doubt on the ambition being on twitch, but again I’m still quite new to it so maybe there is a lot more trouble I’m waiting to see lol.

CM: Have you ever found yourself sacrificing or doing something you didn’t want to do in order to please your viewers?

DL: I don’t think so and I don’t feel like I have. I’ve always been quite open with stream plans with the Nation, so no, don’t feel like I have. I think my viewers and especially my mods at times make sacrifices for me haha.

CM: Do you deliberately change or create your content in a specific way? If so, how?

DL: Nope, never, I let the family get involved I keep my life behind me very real, I want people to see me, I think part of my motivation was to make more friends if I’m honest and I want them to know the real me. It’s literally been my one rule is to make sure that it looks raw and original, it’s just how I wanted it to be and if that doesn’t work then at least I stayed true to myself.

CM: You have a background without Football Manager, however, you’re rebranding yourself as more of a variety streamer. How’s the transition going?

Really good actually, I think people are starting to really get into it, It was firstly about me getting the numbers out my head and looking at it as a business like format, I am new, I want to be variety, that will take time, like I have to build a following that wants to watch me not just one particular game and that takes a bit more time and I think the Telltale/Red Dead style of games actually suit me better, I get into the characters I am so that helps make the game entertaining I feel, I am keeping it moving on and I do have some future plans to continue the transition, I think there will always be some FM on my channel but I would like to get to a point where I have a nice spilt, that’s the full-time dream I guess or even if I could stream more which hopefully by the summer it will be very different, so with it doing well now just wait and see what’s coming.

CM: What are some of the ways you promote your content and begin to gain a following?

DL: YOU!!! Haha no, with Twitter I have upped my game, learning good hashtags and Discord involvement, lots of chatting to anyone that will listen. It’s literally networking as much as you can, making sure I start going to twitch events, make the right friends, show the right respect and who knows, I would like to improve my social media involvement so I am trying to learn from others and to be honest I mention it a lot to anyone that will listen!

CM: You’ve recently moved into creating YouTube content alongside your stream? How are you finding that? Any difficulties or limitations?

DL: Yeah, it’s been very difficult, to be honest, but a lot of fun. There is a lot more work that goes into it than maybe then I had looked into, but it’s getting there. Views are always rising which can only be a good thing. I am looking into more ways as the FM save I am currently doing is going soooo well. There have been times I thought about just sticking to one but that wasn’t the plan I wanted to do both and I have ideas and things for both platforms, it takes time so I am keeping the future plans in now, by the summer I am hopeful that more time will develop so I can put a little more time into both.

CM: Tell us something exciting coming to video gaming. (New games, software etc)

DL: Both the Sonic and Crash Racing games I’m excited about needing a racing game and was a big fan of previous sonic racing so I am very excited to get my hands on those. The Yakuza spin-off Judgement as well I am looking at, enjoyed Yakuza and need another open world game soon and this one seems to look very good for me and then the New Doom coming out…Loving all of that, loved the doom remake and the VR version of Doom is amazing so really looking forward to those 4, plus I am sure other games will appear in my eye-line…Software is only PS5 and looking at upcoming software is something I really need to get a better grip on and pay attention to, so thanks for asking me that, I needed the reminder!

CM: Lastly, where can our readers find you?

CM: Thank you Darry for sharing your time!

CM: As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. I can be found through the below links!

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