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FC BATE Borisov

FC BATE Borisov is a Belarusian football team from the city of Barysaw. The club competes in the Belarusian Premier League, of which they are the reigning champions and are the league’s most successful club with 14 titles, 12 won consecutively. The club has also won three Belarusian Cups and four Belarusian Super Cups.

BATE is the only Belarusian team to have qualified for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League (2008–09, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2014–15 and 2015–16) and one of two to qualify for the group stage of the UEFA Europa League (2009–10, 2010–11 and 2017–18), along with Dinamo Minsk.

The club’s home stadium is Borisov Arena, which was opened in 2014.

BATE is an acronym of Borisov Automobile and Tractor Electronics. The team was founded in 1973 and managed to win Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic league three times (1974, 1976 and 1979) before being disbanded in 1984. The club was re-established in 1996. Since then, BATE have won the Belarusian Premier League 11 times and competed in UEFA competitions.

In 2001, BATE reached the first round of the UEFA Cup, their first appearance in the competition beyond the qualifying rounds. 2008 saw BATE becoming the first Belarusian team to qualify for the group stages of the UEFA Champions League. As of 2015, BATE have played five times in the Champions League group stage, as well as twice in UEFA Europa League group stage, also reaching the knockout phase of the latter competition in 2010–11 and 2012–13.

Notable former players of BATE include Alexander Hleb (VfB Stuttgart, Arsenal, Barcelona and Birmingham City); Vitali Kutuzov (Milan, Sporting CP, Avellino, Sampdoria, Parma, Pisa and Bari) and Yuri Zhevnov (FC Moscow, and Zenit Saint Petersburg). Having started their professional careers with BATE, all are also former or present members of the Belarus national team.

BATE won their tenth consecutive league title in 2015, with four matches to spare. In the 2017 season, BATE drew an average home league attendance of 5,633, the second-highest in the league.

BATE Borisov is one of the most popular football teams in Belarus. BATE fans have developed a rivalry with the fans of Dinamo Minsk and a friendship with fans of Polish club Piast Gliwice since 2011.


  • Belarusian Premier League
    • Winners (14): 1999, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
    • Runners-up (4): 1998, 2000, 2003, 2004
    • 3rd place: 2001
  • Belarusian Cup
    • Winners (3): 2006, 2010, 2015
    • Runners-up (4): 2002, 2005, 2007, 2016
  • Belarusian Super Cup
    • Winners (7): 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
    • Runners-up (2): 2012, 2018
  • Belarusian Second League
    • Winners: 1996
  • Belarusian Soviet era champions
    • Winners (3): 1974, 1976, 1979

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FC Dynamo Brest

FC Dynamo Brest is a Belarusian football club based in Brest. The club plays in the Belarusian Premier League, the top division in Belarusian football.

The club was founded in 1960 as Spartak Brest and joined Soviet Class B (second-tier league) the same year. After the 1962 season they were relegated as a result of league reorganization. They came close to promotion twice in 1964 and 1967 but lost the final round both times. They were finally promoted on their third attempt in 1969, but the following year they again dropped to the third tier due to league reorganization. In 1972 the team was renamed to Bug Brest and finally, in 1976 to Dуnamo Brest. From 1970 till the end of Soviet era the club was playing in the Soviet third-tier league. Dynamo Brest had a strong connection with Dinamo Minsk during these years (as both clubs were affiliated to Dinamo Sports Society) and often accepted young Minsk team players on loan.

In 1992 Dynamo Brest joined Belarusian Premier League and have been playing there ever since. Their best result was a third place in inaugural 1992 season, and they were finishing in the middle and bottom parts of the table ever since. In 2007 Dynamo Brest won Belarusian Cup, also securing their only UEFA Cup participation. During 2012 season they were using the name FC Brest due to legal issues with using a Dynamo brand name the rights to which were claimed by Belarusian Dynamo Sport Society. This issue was resolved only by the end of the year. In the 2017 season, Dinamo Brest drew an average home league attendance of 5,689, the highest in the league.

The first organised fan group was created on 1 August 1998, and the fan-dedicated stand can hold around 200-500 fans. An ultras group was created in 2008. The fans call themselves the Blue White Devils. They are politically right-wing.

The club have two fan-clubs: in Pinsk and Kobrin. The one official friendship, with fans of Orlęta Radzyń Podlaski, and good contacts with fans Dinamo Minsk and BATE Borisov. Their rivals are all left-wing fans, FC Gomel, Dnepr Mogilev, Shakhtyor Soligorsk, Slavia Mozyr, Belshina Bobruisk, Torpedo Minsk and Neman Grodno.


  • Belarusian Premier League
    • 3rd place (1): 1992
  • Belarusian Cup
    • Winners (3): 2007, 2017, 2018
  • Belarusian Super Cup
    • Winners (1): 2018

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FC Dinamo Minsk

FC Dinamo Minsk is a professional football club based in the Belarusian capital city of Minsk.

It was founded in 1927 as part of the Soviet Dinamo Sports Society, and was the only club from the Byelorussian SSR that competed in the Soviet Top League, playing 39 of the 54 seasons, and winning the title in 1982. Since the independence of Belarus the club participates in the Belarusian Premier League, having won 7 league titles and 3 Belarusian Cups.

Dinamo plays its home games in the 16,500 capacity Traktor Stadium. Dinamo is the second Belarusian team, after BATE Borisov to reach UEFA Europa League group stages (2014–15 and 2015–16).

Dinamo Minsk was founded in 1927 as a part of the Soviet Dinamo Sports Society. They spent some of their history in the lower leagues of the Soviet Union, but in 1940, they promoted in the Soviet Top League, becoming the first and only Belarusian team to compete in the Soviet top division. They relegated to second level in 1952, but immediately returned top level at next year. In 1954, they finished a third place, their best performance in the top flight to date, and were dissolved, being re-founded as Spartak Minsk, only to be renamed in Belarus Minsk in 1959, in honor of the Soviet republic in the national championship. However, in 1962, they return to the original name of Dinamo Minsk. They relegated again from top level in 1955 and in 1957. They played top level again in 1960 season. They relegated again in 1973 and returned to top level in 1975 season. But they relegated immediately in 1976. They returned top level after 2-year.

Dinamo Minsk won the inaugural season of the Belarusian Premier League in 1992. They become the top team in the new Belarusian championship and won 5 league titles until 1995, making only one appearance in the UEFA Champions League, in 1993. However, after a title in 1997, Dinamo Minsk last won the championship in 2004. The 2000s saw Dinamo Minsk failing to secure any league title in the battle against BATE Borisov, thus finishing on lower places, mostly second.

In 2014, Dinamo Minsk beat MYPA, CFR Cluj and Nacional to be drawn in Group K of Europa League, along with Italian side Fiorentina, French team Guingamp and Greek side PAOK, becoming the second team, after BATE Borisov, to reach group stages of Europa League. Dinamo finished at the bottom with four points, after a draw with Guingamp and a historical 2–1 victory over Fiorentina.

Dinamo Minsk is one of the most popular teams in Belarus. Among ultras groups, the largest is called Blue White Will. Fans of Dinamo Minsk are friends with Dinamo Brest fans. The ultras of Dinamo Minsk are famous for their right-wing political orientation and there have been several riots, clashes with the police forces and chants against the Belarusian authoritarian regime, led by long-time President Alexander Lukashenko. Their political views as well as geographic proximity and contest for dominance of the city make them huge rivals with neighbours Partizan Minsk, whose fans tend to be strongly left-wing. Dinamo Minsk also has a big rivalry with BATE Borisov from the city of Barysaw.


Belarus Belarus

Belarusian Premier League

  • Winners (7): 1992, 1992–93, 1993–94, 1994–95, 1995, 1997, 2004
  • Runners-up: 1996, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2014, 2015, 2017
  • 3rd place: 2000, 2003, 2012, 2013, 2016

Belarusian Cup

  • Winners (3): 1992, 1994, 2003
  • Runners-up: 1996, 1998, 2013

Season Cup

  • Winners: 1994

Soviet Union Soviet Union

Soviet Top League

  • Winners: 1982
  • 3rd place: 1954, 1963, 1983

Soviet Cup

  • Runners-up: 1965, 1987

Federation Cup

  • Runners-up: 1989

Soviet First League:

  • Winners: 1953, 1956
  • Runners-up: 1951, 1975
  • 3rd place: 1974, 1978

Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic Belarusian SSR League

  • Winners: 1937, 1938, 1939, 1945, 1951, 1953, 1956, 1975
  • Runners-up: 1934, 1935, 1946, 1952, 1977
  • 3rd place:1940, 1947

Belarusian SSR Cup

  • Winners: 1936, 1940
  • Runners-up: 1945

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FC Dnepr Mogilev

FC Dnepr Mogilev is a Belarusian football team, playing in the city of Mogilev. Their home stadium is Spartak Stadium.

Dnepr Mogilev was founded in 1960 under the name Khimik Mogilev and began playing in the Class B (second tier league) of Soviet championship, which at the time consisted of over 140 teams split into several regional zones. In 1963, the team relegated to the third tier due to league structure reorganization and changed their name to Spartak Mogilev. In 1970, they dropped to the fourth tier, but the next year were brought back to the third, both times due to further league reorganizations. In 1973, the club adopted their current name, Dnepr Mogilev. Dnepr would spend all subsequent Soviet-era seasons in the third-tier league, with one exception. In 1982 Anatoly Baidachny led Dnepr to winning their zone and then the final round between the zone winners and to promotion to the Soviet First League. The club, however, wasn’t able to maintain their second-tier spot and relegated again the next year.

In 1992 Dnepr joined newly created Belarusian Premier League. Team’s results in the post-Soviet years varied from being a runners-up in 1992 and champions in 1998 to the unfortunate relegation in 2011. Since then, Dnepr has come back and relegated again in 2014. As of 2015, Dnepr is playing in the Belarusian First League.


  • Belarusian Premier League
    • Winners (1): 1998
    • Runners-up (1): 1992
    • 3rd place (1): 2009
  • Belarusian Cup
    • Runners-up (1): 1992
  • Belarusian First League
    • Winners (1): 2012

Club Website:

FC Haradzieja

FC Haradzieja is a Belarusian football club based in Haradzeya, Nesvizh Raion, Minsk Voblast.

The team was founded in 2004 as futsal club. They played in Minsk Oblast championship and later in Belarusian futsal championship and Cup.

In 2007, they debuted in the Minsk Oblast football championship as well as Belarusian Cup. In 2008, they joined Belarusian Second League, and after winning the 2010 season, the team made its debut in the First League in 2011.

In 2015, Haradzieja will make its debut in the Belarusian Premier League.

Club Website:

FC Isloch Minsk Raion

FC Isloch Minsk Raion is a Belarusian football club based in Minsk, although they officially represent Minsk Raion and named after Islach River.

The team was founded in 2007 as an amateur club. From 2007 till 2011 they played in the Minsk Oblast championship. In 2012, they joined the Belarusian Second League and after finishing 3rd in their debut season they won a promotion to the First League.

Isloch represented Belarus at the 2013 UEFA Regions’ Cup. They have won their qualifying group and advanced to the final phase of the competition, which was held in June 2013.[3] The team has turned professional since their promotion to the Belarusian First League and they played in the finals with mostly reserve squad.

In 2015, Isloch was promoted to the Belarusian Premier League for the first time in its history.

In August 2016, it was alleged that Isloch Minsk Raion assistant manager, Uladzimir Makowski, and players Alyaksandr Lebedzew, Alyaksandr Tsishkevich, Aleksandr Budakov, Aleksandr Alumona and Andrey Paryvayewwere involved in fixing the their match with Dinamo Brest on 30 April 2016.



  • Belarusian First League (1): 2015

Club Website:

FC Minsk

FC Minsk is a professional football club based in Minsk, Belarus. They play in the Belarusian Premier League, the highest division in Belarusian football. Their colours are red and navy blue.

The club was established in 2006 and was based on the Belarusian First League club Smena Minsk. FC Minsk took over Smena’s license and was able to start immediately operating in the Belarusian First League without having to first play in the Second League, the third tier in Belarus. In the club’s inaugural season in the First League, they were able to finish in first place guaranteeing them promotion to the Belarusian Premier League.

In their top tier debut season, FC Minsk showed weak performances and were relegated at end of 2007, but they managed to bounce straight back the following year with a dominant campaign in the Belarusian First League scoring 72 goals and failing to win in only 3 of the 26 games. 2008 therefore saw them once again competing in the Belarusian Premier League where they have remained ever since.

A 3rd-placed finish in 2010 saw FC Minsk embark on their first ever European campaign in the 2011–12 UEFA Europa League. In the first qualifying round, they were pitched against AZAL Baku of Azerbaijan and managed a 3–2 aggregate win over two legs. The second qualifying round saw them drawn against Gaziantepspor of Turkey. After a 1–1 draw at home, the away fixture in Gaziantep saw the Turkish side win 4–1 as the tie finished 5–2 on aggregate in favour of Gaziantepspor.

In 2013, FC Minsk changed their club crest for the current one. The same year they have qualified for the second qualifying round of the 2013–14 UEFA Europa League by winning Belarusian Cup. This campaign was more successful as Minsk first eliminated Valletta of Malta 3–1 on aggregate before beating the Scottish team St. Johnstone in the third qualifying round. After losing 0–1 at home, FC Minsk managed to win 1–0 in Perth and prevailed in penalty shootout 3–2, advancing to the play-offs, where they have lost to Standard Liège of Belgium 5–1 on aggregate.


  • Belarusian Premier League
    • 3rd place (1): 2010
  • Belarusian Cup
    • Winners (1): 2013
    • Runners-up (1): 2012

Club Website:

FC Vitebsk

FC Vitebsk is a Belarusian football club based in Vitebsk. The club plays in the Belarusian Premier League, the top division in Belarusian football. Their home stadium is Vitebsky Central Sport Complex.

The club was founded in 1960 as Krasnoye Znamya Vitebsk (Red Flag Vitebsk). They began playing in Soviet Class B (second-tier league) the same year. After three seasons they relegated to the third tier. Vitebsk team would spend almost all of their subsequent Soviet-era seasons playing at the third level (Soviet Second League), with the exception of 1970 and 1990, when the team dropped to 4th level. The club went through several name changes. In 1963, they were renamed Dvina Vitebsk after local river. In 1985, the club was renamed Vityaz Vitebsk and in 1989 it was renamed KIM Vitebsk (both names relate to local industry companies).

In 1992 KIM joined Belarusian Premier League. During the 90s KIM (later renamed Dvina Vitebsk again in 1994 and Lokomotiv-96 Vitebsk in 1996) was one of the league top teams. They were league runners-up in 1992–93 and 1994–95, finished third in 1993–94 and 1997 and also won Belarusian Cup in 1998.[1] Since 2000s club’s results declined. They have relegated to the First League several times and promoted back and were never able to fight the title in later years. In 2003, they shortened their name to Lokomotiv Vitebsk and in 2006 to the current version, FC Vitebsk.


  • Belarusian Premier League
    • Runners-up (2): 1992–93, 1994–95
    • 3rd place (2): 1993–94, 1997
  • Belarusian Cup
    • Winners (1): 1998

Club Website:

FC Slutsk

C Slutsk is a Belarusian football club based in Slutsk, Minsk Oblast.

The team was founded in 1998 as Slutsksakhar Slutsk. Between 1998 and 2007 they played in Minsk Oblast championship. In 2008, they joined Belarusian Second League. In 2010, they finished in second place and were granted a promotion to First League in 2011. In early 2011 the team changed its name to Slutsk.

Club Website:


FC Gomel or FK Homel, is a Belarusian football club, playing in the city of Gomel. Their home stadium is Central Stadium.

Teams from Gomel (usually city or raion selection or railway-based team Lokomotiv, but not always) played in Belarusian SSR championships since the early 1920s.[1] In 1946 Belorusian SSR league for one season becomes one of the zones of USSR 3rd level league, and Lokomotiv Gomel became the first city team to play in Soviet league.

The modern Gomel team was founded in 1959 as Lokomotiv Gomel. They played at the 2nd level of Soviet football between 1959 and 1968. The results varied between seasons, as the team managed to finish 1st in their zone in 1962 as well as last in 1959 and 1963. However, because Soviet league system structure was changing almost every season in the 1950s and 60s, Lokomotiv wasn’t promoted or relegated until another league reorganisation in 1969.

Gomselmash played at the 3rd level of Soviet football between 1969 and 1989, until further league reorganisation in 1990, after which the team was relegated to the 4th level.

In 1992 Gomselmash joined the newly formed Belarusian Premier League. The first years were unsuccessful and the team relegated in 1995. They changed name to the current one, FC Gomel, the same year. In 1998 Gomel returned to Premier League and achieved much better results than before (champions title in 2003, 2nd place in 2007 and 3rd in 1999). The team also won Belarusian Cup in 2002 and made it to the final in 2004.

In 2012, they played English club Liverpool in the UEFA Europa League qualifying rounds. In the first leg they lost 0–1 and lost again away at Anfield in the second leg 3–0.


  • Belarusian Premier League
    • Winners (1): 2003
    • Runners-up (1): 2007
    • 3rd place (2): 1999, 2011
  • Belarusian Cup
    • Winners (2): 2002, 2011
    • Runners-up (1): 2004
  • Belarusian Super Cup
    • Winners (1): 2012

Club Website:

FC Luch Minsk

FC Luch Minsk is a Belarusian football club based in Minsk.

The team was founded in 2012 under the name ALF-2007 Minsk as a selection of best players from Minsk-based Amateur Football League (independent from BFF), which itself was founded in 2007 (hence the team name). The team spent one successful season in BFF-sanctioned Minsk Championship and was accepted to Belarusian Second League since 2013. In 2014, they took the name Luch Minsk. In 2015, the team was promoted to the Belarusian First League and in 2018 they’ll make their debut in Belarusian Premier League.

Club Website:

FC Neman Grodno

FC Neman Grodno is a Belarusian football club from the city of Grodno, named after the Neman River and founded in 1964. Since 1992 participates in the top league of Belarus.

Since 1964, the team was playing at the 3rd level of Soviet football system almost constantly, excluding two seasons (1968 and 1969) spent on 2nd level. They were close to get the promotion in 1966 and 1980, but lost the final tournament between 3rd level zone winners on both occasions.

Since 1992 Neman plays in Belarusian Premier League. In 1993, they won the Belarusian Cup. The most successful years for the team were early 2000s, when they finished 4th twice in a row before finishing 2nd in 2002 after losing the 1st place play-off against BATE Borisov.


  • Belarusian Premier League
    • Runners-up (1): 2002
  • Belarusian Cup
    • Winners (1): 1993
    • Runners-up (2): 2011, 2014

Club Website:

FC Schachzjor Salihorsk

FC Schachzjor Salihorsk is a Belarusian Premier League football club, playing in the city of Soligorsk.

The club was founded in 1961. During Soviet era Shakhtyor Soligorsk was playing in top or second division of Belarusian SSR league, occasionally dropping to lower tiers (Minsk Oblast league) for a short time. In 1971 Shakhtyor absorbed two other local Soligorsk teams (Khimik and Gornyak). Their best results came at the end of Soviet days, when the team finished as league runners-up twice (1988, 1990) and won Belarusian SSR Cup three times (1985, 1986, 1988).

Since 1992 Shakhtyor has been playing in Belarusian Premier League. The team struggled through the 90s, usually fighting against relegation. In 1997, they finished at the last place in league, but were saved from relegation after two other Premier League clubs withdrew.

After transitory 1998 season, the era of club’s success began. Since 1999, they have never finished below 6th place and became a staple European Cups participant. Shakhtyor Soligorsk became the champions of Belarus in 2005, and were league runners-up four times (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013). They also won Belarusian Cup twice (2004 and 2014).


  • Belarusian Premier League
    • Winners (1): 2005
    • Runners-up (5): 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016
  • Belarusian Cup
    • Winners (2): 2004, 2014
    • Runners-up (5): 2006, 2008, 2009, 2015, 2017
  • Belarusian Super Cup
    • Runners-up (2): 2015, 2016

Club Website:

FC Smolevichi-STI

FC Smolevichi-STI is a Belarusian football club based in Smolevichi, Minsk Oblast.

The team was founded in 2009 as Vigvam Smolevichi. The same year they debuted in the Minsk Oblast championship. In 2010, they joined Belarusian Second League. They were renamed to Smolevichi in 2011 and to the current name Smolevichi-STI in 2012. Smolevichi-STI won the 2012 Second League season, and have been playing in the First League since 2013. In January 2016 they reached they agreement with BATE Borisov to become Borisov’s team farm club, although the partnership only lasted for one season.

In 2017 Smolevichi-STI finished second in the First League and were promoted. They will make their Belarusian Premier League debut in 2018. In January 2018 they reverted their name back to FC Smolevichi.

Club Website:

FC Torpedo Minsk

FC Torpedo Minsk is a Belarusian football club, playing in Minsk. The team plays their home games at the Torpedo Stadium in Minsk, which holds 4,800 people.

During Soviet years Torpedo was playing in Belarusian SSR top league and won a championships in 1947, 1962, 1966, 1967 and 1969.

The team was playing in Belarusian Premier League since 1992. Their most successful years were early 2000s, when the team finished on 4th position twice in a row (2002, 2003) and reached the final of Belarusian Cup (2000).

In early 2005 Torpedo-SKA lost financial support from their sponsor and, after losing almost all their main squad and not having funds to pay entrance fee for next season’s Premier League, had to relegate to the Second League. Torpedo-SKA won the Second League in 2005, but at the end of the season the club was disbanded. The owner moved to a new football team, named FC Minsk (legally a successor of Smena Minsk), which also used the same office and stadium as disbanded Torpedo-SKA. Only one player from Torpedo-SKA 2005 squad joined Minsk.

In 2007 the team was reformed as Torpedo-MAZ and started playing in Minsk championship, which is a part of KFK, Belarusian amateur league (4th lever in league pyramid). In 2009 the team finished on the 3rd position and was eligible to represent Minsk in the final tournament for two promotion spots to Second League (as the first two teams either declined or weren’t eligible), but finished on the 3rd position. Successful performance in Minsk championship and cup allowed them to qualify for Belarusian Cup twice (2009 and 2010), but they were eliminated from the tournament after the first game both times.

In 2014 the team rejoined Belarusian Second League under their original name Torpedo Minsk, and in the following year was won the promotion into Belarusian First League.


  • Belarusian Cup
    • Runners-up (1): 2000

Club Website:

FC Torpedo Schodsina

FC Torpedo Schodsina is a Belarusian football club based in Zhodino. They play in the Belarusian Premier League, the top division in Belarusian football. Their home stadium is Torpedo Stadium.

The club is sponsored by the city’s machine building factory BelAZ.


  • Belarusian Cup
Winners (1): 2016
Runners-up (1): 2010
  • Belarusian Super Cup
Runners-up (2): 2011, 2017

Club Website:


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