Football Manager 2019 Feature – New Style


The most instantly obvious difference between Football Manager 2019 and every FM that’s come before it is the refreshed user interface. Experienced managers will notice the difference on almost every screen – it has a cleaner and fresher look, and we’ve tried to make things easier to find than ever before.


The changes are particularly pronounced in two of the most significantly overhauled modules; tactics and training. Both areas see a host of small, but meaningful changes (many of which were inspired by user feedback from our forums) which are designed to work for all users, no matter how experienced.


These visual changes don’t just apply to the PC/Mac game either, as this new look – designed to integrate seamlessly with the new Football Manager logo and brand colours – means that FM will have a familiar feel across the Mobile and Touch versions too.


The end result is a new look that’s instantly familiar to FM die-hards, but also completely fresh. Most important of all, though, this is not just change for the sake of it; FM19 is not just the best-looking version of the game ever made, the combination of the updated user interface and new manager induction system will make this easiest in the series to pick up and play.


There are a few extra design and interface features that will be discussed on our social media channels but, for now, enough words. Here’s what FM19 looks like…




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