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Today I am excited to announce the first post in a new series on the site where we will be looking to sit down and speak with each of the #CMG stream team members as well as other influential and up-and-coming members of the community.

First up: Mr KangaRFM! Twitch Affiliate. Football Manager enthusiast. Part of the #CMG Stream Team. Co-Host of the @BadBookersWP podcast. #FM19 #COYS #WWE

CM: Hi KangaR! Thanks for taking the time out to sit down with us today. Let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

KFM: My name is Chris, I’m 31 and a father of 3. Outside of the family, I’m a lover of 3 things, football, music and wrestling. I was born a stone’s throw away from Crystal Palace’s football ground so started supporting them as a tiny kiddo. My Dad re-educated me and therefore since around the age of 10 I’ve been a Spurs fan. It’s not so bad these days but the 90’s/the early 2000s was a difficult time! I love my music, grew up playing the bass guitar, been in a few bands and got to play on stage a few times. Finally, I’ve been a fan of wrestling, namely WWE since the late ’90s. I enjoy it so much that a few friends and I started a podcast, which has been going for over a year now! I also like food but considering my size, that’s a given.

CM: You’ve been creating content across platforms for a period of time now. What got you started in streaming?

KFM: I fell out of love with YouTube. Playing “the game” of YouTube was putting me under a lot of pressure to create content that I wasn’t overly happy with, so I decided to give streaming a proper go. I’d done a few streams on YouTube already and gained a small audience from networking and subscribers and I honestly loved it. After a few YouTube streams, I discussed the idea of moving to Twitch with my audience, as well as a few other streamers who had also made the jump and the feedback was very positive so I gave it a go and apart from a small hiatus around November/December time in 2018, I’ve streamed at least 4 days a week since!

CM: Did you come across any big challenges in the beginning? If so, how did you overcome those?

KFM: Talking. When there wasn’t much happening either in the game or in the chat, I would clam up and not speak for a number of minutes. I realised over time that you need to keep talking, keep the audience engaged and make them feel welcomed.

CM: Are there any lessons that you have learned throughout your journey?

KFM: Not to worry about numbers and to just enjoy what you’re doing. I used to wish you weren’t able to see how many people were viewing your stream! I would get anxious if the viewer number was lower at certain times, or people coming and going but I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter, none of it does. As long as you’re enjoying the stream you’re doing, be it playing your favourite game, playing something new, chatting to friends, that’s all that matters.

CM: With any live broadcast there is always a chance for some bloopers or hilarious situations. Tell us some of your favourite stream moments.

KFM: This is a tough one as there are so many to chose from. I’ve been lucky enough to have been raided by some of the larger streamers on the platform and the adrenaline rush that brings is unreal. To go from streaming to 10-20 people up to 200-300 is unreal. There have been some fantastic moments whilst playing Football Manager (FM) that I’ve been able to share on Twitch, things like winning promotion with Vicenza twice in a row, having your chat be as invested as you are is something I’ll never forget.

CM: Other than your own of course, what are some of your favourite Twitch streams that you frequently visit?

KFM: Well, of course, everyone that’s a part of #CMG! There are a few others within the FM community that I try to watch when I’ve got spare time, people like Curty, Heel_MattQ, Doop, JHF, Oli, Proudie. Outside of FM, there’s RunningManZ and DevilDogGamer who create fantastic DayZ YouTube and streaming content, Kiwo who is an amazing RP’er across a wide range of games, and Shroud who is simply a genius.

CM: What advice would you give to a new streamer? Anything that is a must avoid?

KFM: Confidence. Be confident in what you are doing, keep at it, don’t look at your viewer numbers (I do this all the time but I’m advising you don’t) and enjoy yourself. At the end of the day, this is fun. We are streaming because we enjoy it. If you can translate that to your viewers then you’re on your way. Network! With the likes of Twitter and Discord being so prominent, it’s never been easier to network within the community you’re aiming to stream within. Get to know other streamers within your community, you’ll generally find they are more than welcoming and willing to offer help or advice. Be willing to accept criticism as well, not every stream will be fantastic but what you will have is another 2/3/4/5/6 + hours under your belt as experience. Finally, DON’T GIVE UP!

CM: How has your content/streams changed since those early days?

KFM: The production quality has gone up, that’s for sure. I recorded my first YouTube video with a broken headset I bought from a 2nd hand shop and no face cam. It sounded rubbish but at the time I remember being so proud that I actually released a video. I kept going and over time, saved up and with the help of my audience on twitch I was able to afford to upgrade the quality on everything and I’m now very happy with the setup I have in place. Alongside that, I can tell that I’m a lot surer of myself than I was. I was afraid to be myself or as close to myself as I was willing to be online but nowadays I’ll chat away on stream about virtually anything. I treat whoever comes into one of my streams as if they’ve just walked into the pub and we’re all sitting at the table having a chat. I realise just how corny that sounds but it’s true. I used to be so self-conscious about how I acted on stream or on YouTube videos but that’s just not the case now.

CM: What sort of changes would you like to see Twitch implement to better support a stream like yours?

KFM: If they want to put me on the home page, that’d be nice! In all seriousness, it’s difficult for me to say, I’m not sure I have an answer for that.

CM: Have you ever found yourself sacrificing or doing something you didn’t want to do in order to please your viewers?

KFM: A fair few times, certainly on the latest version of FM where I’ve tried to keep up the pretence that I’m enjoying a save when I’m really not. The viewers were into it but it was becoming apparent that I really wasn’t so eventually I stopped. #NewSave is a thing on my streams. It means ‘Oh here we go, Chris is changing saves again…’

CM: With your main game – Football Manager – being a very niche community, do you strategically market your content towards that demographic?

KFM: I’ve tried a couple of things to broaden my audience but within the FM community itself but it’s not easy. For a while, I tried taking on bigger teams in smaller leagues abroad, clubs like Copenhagen and Ajax. Those are largely supported teams but not necessarily ones that are regularly managed, especially on Twitch, and I found I would start gaining followers due to new people coming in to the stream who are fans of these clubs or who are from that nation and wanted to find out why I wanted to manage them, which in turn engages the chat further. Does that count?

CM: What are some of the ways you promote your content and begin to gain a following?

KFM: Networking! Using fantastic discord servers out there, like #CMG’s one, where the community is active, to promote yourself or get to know fellow content creators or potential stream viewers. Alongside Discord, you’ve got Twitter which if used correctly, can be very advantageous. Using hashtags like #WeAreTheCommunity or #FM19, for example, will get your name out there within the FM community. I got to know content creators who were at around the same level as I was. We all became part of a Twitter DM group (Discord would be better now) and would help each other out with advice on thumbnails and content etc. We would all retweet each other’s videos and do whatever we could to try and build each other up and to an extent it worked!

CM: Any future content creation plans? YouTube etc?

KFM: Well, my Scunthorpe United save is going well at the moment on Twitch so that’s not going anywhere (unless I get sacked), we’ve still got the network save with my guys from BadBookers so that’s all great but I want to try and bring in a variety night. I’ve always loved RP so there’s scope to bring in either DayZ or GTA5, plus I’ve started playing some EuroTruck Sim 2 recently and I’m really enjoying it. Expect that to show up on stream sometime soon! No major plans to return to Youtube just yet but never say never.

CM: Tell us something exciting coming to video gaming. (New games, software etc)

KFM: 4 words. Halo Master Chief Collection. I can’t wait for that to hit PC, there’s no doubt I’ll be playing that to death.

CM: Lastly, where can our readers find you?

CM: Thank you KangaR for sharing your time!

CM: As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. I can be found through the below links!

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