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Today I am excited to announce the next post in a new series on the site where we will be looking to sit down and speak with each of the #CMG stream team members as well as other influential and up-and-coming members of the community.

Today’s Blog Interview is with none other than LiamH! Twitch Affiliate. Part of the #CMG Stream Team. Football Manager Streamer. Sea of Thieves Pirate Legend, World of Warcraft Rookie.

CM: Hi Liam! Thanks for taking the time out to sit down with us today. Let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

LH: Oiiiii, Oiiiii, I’m LiamH,

  • I’m 26 years old
  • I work in IT (I know, how exciting ?)
  • I love football. BIG Liverpool fan, but don’t let that put you off, we’re not all delusional shouting it’s our year…
  • Gamer, gym-goer, 5 and 7 a side football player and professional beard grower.
  • Dinosaur lover (Jurassic Park.. I never grow up…)
  • Fruity cider drinker and when that’s not available any larger (with top of lemonade COME AT ME!)
  • I may sound slightly Scouse but I’m actually considered a “Wool”, aye aye at least I’m not from the Wirral ??
  • Oh and I stream on Twitch…


CM: What got you started in streaming?

So, I used to work for a protein/supplement company in the office with another streamer – StephenMcBrinn – (I know he spells his name with a PH and not a V, other than that he’s alright) and he used to talk about Twitch and then started streaming some Mortal Kombat. After a while I gave in and thought I’d try it myself, I mean after all who wants to sit in a room playing Football Manager (occasionally other games) in silence with no one to talk football and other random sh*t with? ?

CM: What was your biggest challenge in the beginning and how did you overcome that?

Getting the stream working and paying for everything you need – I’m not made of money sadly, *COUGH TWITCH PRIME* Kappa – PC wise along with getting a microphone, camera and other bits and bobs together.

Also as I mostly streamed Football Manager I was worried no one would watch at all and then it would still be just me… sat in a room.. pretending to be the Liverpool manager… all alone. ?

Learning Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for the first time and making sure Twitch was set-up properly wasn’t easy but I got there in the end so if there are any potential new streamers reading this don’t let any of the above put you off, “if I can do it you can” eeewww overused quote but it fits!

CM: What are some lessons have you learned throughout your journey?

“Throughout my journey?” What is this, an XFactor Interview! ?

I’d say I have learnt to deal with any wannabe internet trolls almost perfectly to be honest. Every stream gets them from time to time, I either ignore them resulting in them just doing one or on a few occasions taught them the error of their ways and actually coverted them into long time viewers and they no longer take to Twitch to troll, they now just turn up for this “glorious beard”. Kappa.

CM: Tell us some of your favourite stream moments.

I’d say going back to FM17, I started a Crystal Palace save around January/February 2017 and that was the start of me streaming more consistently, even though I work shifts which is a massive pain. I stuck to 3-4 streams a week and I went from 0-5 viewer streams up to the 20-30 mark which meant I had regular people coming back to the streams and popping up in the chat. From then on, I’ve always enjoyed streaming because there’s been an active chat and that keep me going for the 6 hour plus streams and is probably the biggest thing I enjoy about streaming overall.

Some notable mentions: Smashing Saltnp3p on our FM18 Benfica/Porto network stream save. He may still be cashing in on his first season, a 4-3 cup win celebration GIF he uses as his sub alert (Aagguueeroooooo) but I SMASHED that save; 4 season, 4 league titles, 5 cups, 1 CL Final Loss and 1 CL WIN in the 4th Season to round off a great save!

Getting a 19 kill win on PUBG was also a decent effort (!clip in chat to see it again ?).

Loved the Pokemon Let’s Play Pikachu Edition play through in December 2018.

CM: What are your favourite Twitch streams to watch other than your own?

  • RajjPatel
  • Knut
  • DrDisrespect 2017-2018 mostly
  • Stine (one of the first channels I ever came across on Twitch, I used to love Lord of the Rings Online and that is what Stine plays) also very possibly the nicest person you can come across on Twitch.
  • And LADS!!! Who’ doesn’t like a late night browse of that IRL Section… ?

CM: What advice would you give to a new streamer? Anything to avoid?

Hit that GO LIVE button for the first time! I’ve heard quite a few people say to me they are thinking of streaming on Twitch but never have the courage to go live for the very first time, DO IT! What’s the worst that can happen?

Obvious things I would advise:

  • Get a good microphone and audio set-up
  • Use a good quality camera
  • Keep your stream layout as simple and clutter-free as possible
  • Unless you’re purposely “playing a character” on stream, JUST BE YOU, we’re all a little weird in our own ways, don’t worry about it, people will accept you!
  • Be regular and stream for longer than 30-60 minutes!
  • Advertise yourself anywhere you can but still to Twitch Etiquette…

So, the good microphone one is pretty obvious, if you’re a viewer of streams think about what you like and don’t like. No one wants to barely be able to hear you because of a poor microphone. Same goes for overall audio, if you play music make sure its not too loud that it over powers your voice, YOUR VIEWERS ARE THERE FOR YOU NOT THOSE 90’S CLUB CLASSIC BANGERS!

I’d say use a cam so your community can get to know you better and see your reactions to game-play moments etc. I you’re not comfortable putting you face out there then leave the cam off to start with until you build up that confidence.

Personally, if I’m watching a Twitch stream for game-play I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SEE THE GOD DAMN GAME! And you can’t do that with the chat feed on the screen or and oversized camera or logos and pop-ups all the time…

No one likes a fraud, just be you for the good or bad, people will, probably like you more for seeing the real you and not the FACEBOOK PROFILE VERSION OF YOU…

All the streamers I’ve seen do well stream 4-7 times a week and always at the time schedules. Think of it as your favourite TV show, it’s on the same day, same time, every week. Now imagine it was on Monday 3pm-5pm then Thursday 9am-11am then Friday Midnight-2am you will never be able to keep up with that so would always end up missing the show when it’s live. (I suffer from this myself as I said, I stream as and when I can due to work shifts ?) TRY and be as regular as you can, make people remember exactly when you are live every day each week.

As for advertisement, this one explains itself. Use as much social media as you can so more people have a chance of finding your stream. Twitter, Facebook groups, Steam groups, Instagram etc.

CM: How has your content/stream changed since the early days?

Back when I first started roughly November 2016 I was really inconsistent and would just stream “as and when”. Different games all the time and stream would vary from 45 minutes to a couple of hours. This got me no where at all.

Now I stick to my main game of Football Manager and my streams are regular and always for 5 or 6 plus hours. Occasionally I’ll sample new games as and when I can.

CM: What sort of changes would you like to see Twitch implement to better support a stream like yours?

Most Twitch viewers go straight to the browse games page and click around some of the top 10-15 games (displayed via total amount of viewers that game has). With Football Manager, sadly it never has more than a couple of hundred viewers at any one point so hard for NEW viewers to find the game and streamers who play it. I’d say try and do a “Daily Featured Game” that is displayed at the top of the list of game and then would potentially give thousands if not hundreds of thousands of viewers a brand new game to view on Twitch rather than the same popular games.

This could help both streamers of niche games get noticed and gives viewers something fresh to watch on Twitch, because, let’s face it unless you specifically search “Football Manager” in Twitch you would never know it’s a game that is being streamed.

CM: Have you ever found yourself sacrificing or doing something you didn’t want to do in order to please your viewers?

In the early days of streaming yeah, kind of. If I was playing a random game and few people popped in and asked me to go back to Football Manager for example I would as I had no one watching me play the other game at that point anyway.

Nowadays, I stream what I want, when I want and hopefully my community understands this and is willing to watch regardless of the game I’m playing ?.

CM: With your main game – Football Manager – being a very niche community, do you strategically market your content towards that demographic?

I love football, I love talking football when streaming as well so I try and keep as much of the football theme as possible but we also love completely random conversation in my stream ? */VIP SuperStockers* ?.

CM: What are some of the ways you promote your content and begin to gain a following?

Fairly simple, I tweet out my weekly stream schedule so people know when I would be live. I tweet out once I’ve gone live with a brief description of what’s happening that day.

Instagram posts showing off some of the things going on in the stream.

Utilising Discord. It’s a great place to interact with people you’ve built up within your Twitch community when you’re not live and a great way to get to know them more.

CM: Any future content creation plans? YouTube etc.?


So ideally I don’t want to just stream Football Manager 100% of the time, we all love the game but no one can take full time “SpreadSheetSimulator” Kappa.

I’d love a second feature game to stream and split the streams for the week into two. But I’m looking for a game where EVERY SINGLE VIEWER of the channel could get involved and not just 2-3 for a squad FPS game for example.

Maybe an MMO? Get a guild going? Level and quest together and build up taking on all the end game content together, RAIDS etc.

Did someone say WoW Classic is out in June/July? ?

I’d love to post YouTube content, I work 42.5 hours per week plus I try and stream 4-7 times a week with 5 plus hour streams which pretty much leaves no spare time to edit videos etc.

I’m actually looking for someone permanent who could edit clips and videos for me from the content I create on Twitch and get it up on YouTube, Again, I’m not made of money but would offer literally like 75% of any £ made from the YouTube channel to the editor. If this is something you could work with SLID INTO MY DM’S. ?

CM: Lastly, where can our readers find you?

Mostly Live streaming on Twitch: LiamH

I’m around on other Social Media as well. Feel free to follow me there and MY DM’S ARE ALWAYS OPEN ?.

CM: Thank you Liam for sharing your time!

CM: As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. I can be found through the below links!

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