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Today I am excited to announce the next post in a new series on the site where we will be looking to sit down and speak with each of the #CMG stream team members as well as other influential and up-and-coming members of the community.

Today’s Blog Interview is with none other than FMMickey! Twitch Affiliate. Football Manager Aficionado. FIFA Ultimate Team Maestro.

CM: Hi Mickey! Thanks for taking the time out to sit down with us today. Let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

FM: My name is Michael but most people call me Mickey and I have two children; Oliver who is 10 years old and Max who autistic and just turned 6 the other day and can not speak at the moment. My main passions are Leeds United and all types of football that I will watch. I am studying to work with young children who have autism as my son is autistic.

CM: You’ve very recently started out in Twitch Streaming. What influenced that decision to begin?

FM: I was told by another content creator I would be good at Twitch rather than YouTube as I am not very good at editing and it was the best bit of advice someone gave me as I have made some amazing friends after been in such a low place and I get a real buzz streaming on Twitch more than YouTube.

CM: Have you come across any major challenges in your early stages? How are you overcoming those?

FM: I found it very tough at the start simply because I was not very confident then but I kept plugging away and tried to believe in myself that I am good and with a great team around me at CMG they helped me believe in myself and got over those hurdles and I can not thank them all enough as I would not be where I am today without them all.

CM: Any favourite Stream moments yet?

FM: I would say my two favourite streams where my Numancia save where I took them all the way up to La Liga and then my current one I am in at the moment worldwide journeyman starting unemployed took a job at Selangor in Malaysia and I finished 3rd and I am really enjoying this save as I have never done a worldwide journeyman before.

CM: What other and whose content do you typically frequent?

FM: I have always watched Loki Doki YouTube series since he first started and he is an idol of mine and I always say if I could do 10% as well as him I would be amazed and I have had the privilege to be raided by Loki twice since I started on the 1st of January and I am always chatting to him about Twitch and that he believes in me which is so great.

CM: From your own early experience, what advice have you received that has really helped you progress your stream?

FM: Well I would say that I would not be here with a particular individual on the CMG team and he gives me weekly advice on how to improve my stream and he got me in the amazing CMG stream team so without his advice and guidance I don’t know where I would be today he is a great friend and have a lot of respect for. So, my advice would be to find someone that can really help you when you are struggling and unsure what to do!

CM: How has your own content changes progressing over that short period of time?

FM: Yes I would think it has very much as I have gone affiliate on Twitch and I have and good feedback which has been amazing in a short space of time.

CM: What are some of the ways you are promoting your content and beginning to gain a following?

FM: I probably do not promote my channel enough. Only a little bit on Twitter but I will be doing more networking to improve my channel on Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and Facebook as I have the time to do this.

CM: With that, are they are future content creation plans?

FM: I would really be interested in doing Football Manager blogs but I do not know much about that so I would need to look into that and I would not go back to YouTube as I got comments on how bad my editing is which is true but you never say never.

CM: Lastly, where can our readers find you?

CM: Thank you Mickey for sharing your time!

CM: As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. I can be found through the below links!

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