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Today I am excited to announce the next post in a new series on the site where we will be looking to sit down and speak with each of the #CMG stream team members as well as other influential and up-and-coming members of the community.

Today’s Blog Interview is with none other than TheRegistaFM! Twitch Affiliate. Football Manager Aficionado. #CMG Recruitment Expert. Band Vocalist. WoW Noob.

CM: Hi Regista! Thanks for taking the time out to sit down with us today. Let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

REG: Wotcher. My name is Andy. I’m 28 and originally from Maidstone but now live closer to London with Ms Regista. I work as an accountant and auditor for a day job, but at night I slappa da bass in a rock band named My Everest (@myeverestmusic on all social media). My passions in life include music, reading, sports (mainly football – did you know I’m a Maidstone United fan?!) and, of course, video games.

My Everest Socials: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify

CM: You’ve been creating content across platforms for a while now. What first got you starting in both Blogging and Streaming?

REG: I guess you could say I’ve been creating content for nearly 8 years now. My main game is Football Manager, and it was through a school friend that I was introduced to the website “The Dugout”. This was a mecca for all FM fans, writing stories about their saves and tactics, and it was there that my FM adventures truly began.

After the website closed down, I flirted around a few other sites but eventually set up my own Twitter and WordPress sites and wrote a few pieces. It was there that I found people showed themselves playing FM live on Twitch, and the rest is history…

CM: Did you come across any major challenges in the beginning? If so, how did you overcome those?

REG: Equipment was the main issue. Around the time of beginning to stream, my desktop died (it was old and frail, couldn’t play PUBG for example) and I was therefore limited to my laptop. As such, camera and microphone quality weren’t brilliant, but after a few months I invested and things became much better (apart from hearing a crackle or pop in my headphones at my end!)

CM: Is there anything, in particular, you have learnt throughout your journey?

REG: Plenty. The absolute most important thing in my eyes is to just be nice to one another, and this goes for life as well as content creation. Too many times I’ve seen people create “beef” on social media. From smaller creators to the biggest names on Twitch and YouTube, there’s often no need for it, and often people love to instigate it. I keep out of it and just want to get along with as many people. Life is too short to be angry at someone.

CM: Tell us some of your favourite stream moments?

REG: I’ve got a couple, one amazing and one unfortunate. During the early days, the man known as Loki Doki dropped a 250+ raid on my butt whilst I was sat there playing FM to no one. That was mad and you can probably find my reaction on my Twitch channel somewhere. After that night when people stuck around I thought “yeah, I can actually do this”.

The other moment was during last year’s World Cup. I decided to take England through the tournament on Football Manager and eventually won the tournament. This was over the course of 3 successive days on Twitch. The quarter-final penalty shootout win against Brazil was particularly nerve-wracking – going 2-1 down in extra time was not fun. We took on Argentina in the semis and were winning 9-1 until my laptop crashed!!! My face was a picture when I managed to get back online.

CM: What other and whose content do you typically frequent? Blogs, Twitch, YouTube etc.

REG: Aside from all of the CMG gang, there are a few other people I watch. When I can watch Twitch, in the FM world I like to watch Mozza, Curty, Clan and KegMan. On YouTube, I’m a big fan of Smiv and Palmers FC.

CM: What advice would you give to a new Blogger or Streamer? Anything to avoid?

REG: If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, stop. And don’t underestimate the importance of networking.

CM: How has your own content changes since those early days?

REG: Other than going from written to visual back to written – I’ve become a lot more confident in front of a camera and speaking to strangers. I’ve always been quite shy so to have people tune in and enjoy my content was a massive confidence booster for me. Additionally, I’ve been able to add my humour into the mix and hopefully created a nice environment where people can come and chill whilst chatting to me and each other.

CM: With your main game — Football Manager — being a very niche community, do you strategically market your content towards that particular demographic?

REG: Absolutely. It’s important to know your target audience, what they do and don’t like, and tailor your content as a result. However, you must always put your own stamp on things. For me, that was managing my hometown side, Maidstone United.

CM: What are some of the ways you promote your content and begin to gain a following?

REG: Social media is key. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all great ways of sharing your work out, along with networking with other content creators. This is key. If you take an interest in someone else’s content, 9/10 times they will take an interest in yours. This will help you create rapport with other creators to start sharing your content whilst you share theirs.

CM: You’ve recently made the decision to move away from Streaming? What influenced that decision?

REG: Unfortunately life is just very busy right now. I’m not able to have a structure in place and that doesn’t lend itself well to streaming. Trying to fit in it with playing in a band, having a girlfriend, my job and studying was making me frustrated. So I took my own advice. I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing so I stopped. I made a decision to cut certain people out and moved into the backroom of CMG, which has improved my outlook on things hugely. I’m loving what we’re trying to achieve here and I can’t wait to help out further in the future.

CM: With that, are they are future content creation plans?

REG: “Bloggista” will be making a return one day, but for now I’m just enjoying life. With regards to returning to streaming – never say never…

CM: Tell us something exciting coming to video gaming? (New games, software etc.)

REG: Crash Team Racing – Nitro Fuelled. Nuff said.

CM: Lastly, where can our readers find you?

CM: Thank you Regista for sharing your time!

CM: As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. I can be found through the below links!

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